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Custom Made Fireplaces

Fireplace is an exquisite element of décor. Sometimes sourcing the right fire surround can be quite a challenge. Custom made fireplace is a perfect solution in this case. You have a freedom of creating your own design and deciding which material to choose. If you need some inspiration we are happy to make suggestions and give you some options. We have experience in manufacturing fireplaces of various architectural styles including Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Gothic and contemporary. All fireplaces are made using a range of quality materials including marble, granite, limestone and travertine. If you could not find your dream fireplace in the current available stock contact us to discuss custom made solution.

Photo gallery of custom made fireplace>>

Restoration of Fireplaces

Give your antique marble fireplace a new lease on life. We can make your masterpiece come up as good as new using the same techniques that our family have been developing for generations. We perform restoration on objects of any age.

We work with various types of damages including smoke stain, paint, cracks and breaks. The process of restoration usually covers de-staining, re-polishing, re-gluing all the parts and installation. If a fireplace has any missing parts we can reproduce them. Please note in order to achieve the best results it requires pulling out a fireplace and taking it to our workshop.

 Photo gallery of fireplaces restored by Hallett Stonemason>>

Dismantling and Installation

Dismantling a marble fireplace surround requires delicate approach as there is a high risk of breaking it. It is especially critical if you would like to keep all the original parts intact of the fragile antique marble fireplaces.

Installation of marble fireplace needs to be secure to make sure the mantel is solid and safe to use. ​​We install fireplaces of different styles and sizes. Secure installation and careful approach to every piece of a fireplace are our top priority.